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Jacobs Hand Injector Instructions

Jacobs Hand Injector Instructions.

The plunger grip may have been removed for shipping and it will have to be threaded onto the plunger shaft. There are wrench flats machined on the shaft for tightening.

Safety Precautions

To avoid injury, please take the following safety precautions;
Wear leather gloves and a long sleeve shirt to protect your hands and arms.
Wear a face shield to protect your eyes and face

Use this product at your own risk.

Operating instructions

Use vinyl plastisol heated to around 340 degrees Fahrenheit.
(Work fast) The plastic will cool and solidify in the injector within 1-2 minutes
Attach the nozzle onto the injector and lock it into place by rotating it slightly.
Place the nozzle tip into the melted plastic and draw in the plastic by slowly pulling out the plunger.
Purge the excess air from the injector before injecting a mold. Tilt the nozzle tip up at a 45-degree angle over the melting container and lightly push in on the plunger until a solid steam of plastic runs out.
Inject the mold by placing the nozzle tip into the mold opening and pushing in on the plunger.
Clear the unused plastic from the injector by shooting it back into the melting container.
A small amount of plastic will remain in the injector and it can be cleared by removing the nozzle and pulling it out. (allow 1-2 minutes after injecting for the remaining plastic to cool and solidify before removing)
Reattach the nozzle, push in the plunger and the injector is ready to be used again.

Replacing o-rings and lubricating

Use only (Viton) high temperature o-rings size 216 (Replacement o-rings can be purchased at www.mcmaster.com  part # 9464K37)
The o-rings are fitted for proper sealing by wrapping Teflon thread tape into the groove prior to installing the new o-ring.   
(1-2 wraps should be sufficient) 
Use only petroleum jelly to lubricate the o-rings.
(Use of WD-40 or any other penetrating oil will make the o-rings sticky)

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